The i-WIKI 2017 will be platform connecting all the parents, children and exhibitors from various fields. The expo which will be held from 31st March 2017 to 2nd April 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The i-WIKI 2017 will accommodate the need of the prime target group who are the parents, kids, the family as a whole and also the schools to expose their pupils on brand new fun filled informative kids’ world! i-WIKI 2017 will feature a diversified mix of educational and kids products, educational choice, health and nutrition corners, recreational activities, sports, Halal food and beverage, information and communications technology, investment and finance guidance for future education, Islamic apparels, Kids activity corner, storytelling, robotic centre, pets corner, comic corner and many more. There will also be daily mascot appearances and surprise visits by cartoon characters! The expo will also keep the kids entertained with many other exciting activities besides the above. Often, we will surf and read lots of materials to get the information and ideas as our guide in kids upbringing that follows our Islamic values and to ensure they have a balanced journey of fun filled life with no compromise of the good values and faith in our Allah swt. Islamic Banker realised that being able to gather the whole thing in one platform and to be able to meet face to face and get the first hand information accurately and all at one time is the ultimate beneficial info zone beneficial for all.

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